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has on individuals, families and communities.
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Teal It's Gone
Teal It's Gone was created to give everyone the opportunity to gather information about their personal cancer risk.   TIG and Kailos Genetics offer a noninvasive, accessible, affordable cancer screening tool that looks for 30 mutations associated with a higher risk for certain cancers.  Knowing your risk will give you the opportunity to make healthcare decisions reducing your risk for developing the life threatening disease .​ TIG is a 501c3 registered nonprofit.
     Katie Brown-Maxwell was 40 years old when she was given the news she had Primary Peritoneal Cancer.  Her youngest child was 12 years old.  Through genetic testing, she found she was BRCA1 and BRCA2 positive.  Through further testing, Katie discovered her father was the carrier who passed the mutation on to her. Katie had no history of cancer in her family prior to her diagnosis.  When Katie was tested, the screening cost $3800.00.  She knew that no one would, and not many could, afford the fee to find out if he/she has a high risk for cancer.  However, if Katie had known her own risk, she would have taken measures to prevent her diagnosis.  Five years later, Katie is still fighting her battle as a Cancer Warrior and wants to help others avoid her journey.  A simple cheek swab test will give you the information you need to fight this disease before it becomes deadly for you and your family.  It is your choice to use the information as you wish.  You have the choice to have preventative surgeries, get early screening to prevent a late stage diagnosis when cancer is most deadly, and to make informed family planning decisions if you screen positive for a mutation.  If Katie had known her risk, she would have taken those steps to stop cancer before it started.  Don't miss your chance to be informed and make life saving decisions.