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Reducing the impact genetic cancer
has on individuals, families and communities.
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It takes your support for Teal It's Gone to pursue its mission.
That mission?
Reducing the impact genetic cancers have on individuals, families and communities.
Teal It's Gone's founder, Katie Maxwell, and her family know first hand how devastating cancer can be.  Join her and the rest of the Teal It's Gone team in the fight to Take Control back from cancer.
Please, become a Friend of Teal It's Gone.  
Tell someone you know what you have learned about preventing genetic cancer.  Inform someone that there is an accessible, affordable, noninvasive test that can let them know if they are at a higher risk for certain cancers.
Donate today to help people who have cancer in their family but can not afford screening get tested.
Help us stop cancer before it starts.
​Thank you!
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