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Reducing the impact genetic cancer
has on individuals, families and communities.
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    ​​​​​ Teal It's Gone strives to generate awareness about the importance of cancer prevention.  Treatments are not yet advanced enough to offer a cure for late stage disease.  Through genetic testing, we have the chance to wage war on cancer by not letting it get armed for battle.  If an individual tests positive for a mutation making him/her at higher risk for developing cancer, getting early screening can catch the disease when it is still curable.  Or, preventative surgeries can reduce a person's risk, and family planning is impotant since the mutation may be passed on to the next generation.  Testing helps an individual Take Control over his/her healthcare future by Taking Control back from cancer.


​Though genetic screening can cost up to $3800.00, some labs are now offering the test for $250.  This fee still makes genetic screening unaccessible for many people.  Kailos Genetics and Teal It's Gone have partnered to offer a test that screens for 30 mutations associated with a higher risk for certain cancers for $125.  All you have to do is register by using this link:



Giving Inspiration For Tomorrow

Through GIFT Cancer Warriors, Cancer Survivors and Cancer Caregivers share stories of what inspires/inspired them to wake up every morning ready for battle.  By sharing and connecting with others, those affected by cancer join together to help each other travel the challenging journey. Please, email your story of inspiration to tealitsgone@gmail.com so we can put it on our GIFT Facebook page.  We will send you a free t-shirt for your story.